Sunday, December 25, 2005

great minds think alike

TH and I each bought eachother a new rolling pin. Is that scary or what?

Cookbooks to die for and receive...

Nigel Slater's The kitchen diaries...

I saw this in London in November and TH snatched it up for a present. It is sumptuous and easy to read and very Nigel Slatery. I am already swooning at the Boxing day ideas and thinking that our menu is very flexible!

TH and I saw this in London as well, but bought it here. It is heavy.

The Silver Spoon Cookbook - now in English!

It is fabulous and very easy on the eyes. I'm thinking that dinner this week will be concocted out of this cookbook. It is a classic and well translated. I have a few cookbooks in Italian, but this will be used a lot. Only weakness -- very few desserts, I was lusting for a nice dolci section. It seems to be quite the popular gift this season!
Lastly and coming via mail .... if the PH Vendome mailed it quickly...

Imagine a whole Larousse filled with chocolate desserts!

I can't say enough about this cookbook it is a larousse and my guess is it will dragged out at least once in the middle of a dinner party to settle some kind of arguement. It is confounding , simple and complicated at the same time with some really easy recipes and very well designed. However, it is in french so you should have a better than average understanding of cooking terms to use it. I will probably use it in conjunction with Robert Linxe's La Maison du Chocolat cookbook. I should have carried it home, oh well. I hope it makes it home soon. It does have the Pierre Herme passionfruit macaron recipe which is great.

Good eating. I better get back to the grind and start getting the plates for dinner. ;)

Nice break in the rain this afternoon. I managed to get out there and plant some christmas bulbs and deadhead the last of the frosted plants. I notice the purple hellebores are starting to bloom and the H. foetidus are quickly following.


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