Tuesday, December 20, 2005

well, its starting to look like something here

Yesterday night, TH and I started decorating my parent's condo for Xmas so it would less like a beige corporate apartment and more like a home. It looks pretty decent thanks to vases and hurricane lamps from Crate and Barrel, a hundred glass ball ornaments, a small table top tree and some flowers. I hope they like it as we are sort of getting used to it. I never realized how beige my parents furniture is and in all the houses I grew up in, how well, neutral things are. I guess I always lived in a amazingly beautiful locations, so you wouldn't want your couch to clash with the lake or ocean, would you?

I guess not.

Our tree is outside waiting for the all clear.

It will come on Friday. I hope.

Other than that, marshmallow making and the last of the panfortes are the gift of twelfth night.

Man, I hope my mood improves for everyone's sake.



jk said...

I am eagerly awaiting photo of homemade marshmallow.

Z said...

Me too!!! How thoughtful of you to decorate your parents place :) And I hope your tree is magnificent :)

nm said...

you both can have marshmallows (i'll mail them to you and N too) as soon as I get the all clear on my house.

I'm not cooking anything until Friday.


Pics to follow on trees, really, once I get excited and somewhere in the daylight.