Monday, January 02, 2006

calendar girls

Hydrangea quercifolia, January 1, 2006.

TH and I spent part of yesterday putting away paperwork for 2005 and scouring the web for dates of note -- meeting dates in the future, dinners, academic calendar dates, plant sales, music festival dates and garden walk dates. Why? Because we needed to fill in the calendars.

This is not to say we live and die by the calendar, I am forced at work to use a on line calendar and mine is pitifully empty unlike some of my east coast compatriots (I like it like that), but having everything written down is both useful and at the same time restrictive. TH keeps a three month calendar that puts everything into one place - this is a great technique, but I wish it was more user friendly for the the novice user/reader of her age old system.

We do the same to plan trips. Right now, we're trying to coordinate a quick trip to Chicago with JK to go to the Berghoff before it closes. Should we go on MLK's bd or just do it is a quick overnight knowing that TH and I will be in Chicago for a week in March? I haven't even started planning any long distance travel because nothing excites me right now...

Anyhoo, there is still something lovely about putting the first commitment in pen for the new year even if its as tiny as the first crocus siting of the year -- yesterday!

Have fun doing the same folks.


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