Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the closet

Crocuses, Spring 2004, Seattle, Wa. It is on its way.

No, not that one. Our front hall closet that at one time may or may not have been part of the house. Anyways, it is the black hole of something jammed with oilskins, coats that I'll never wear again, old rawhide chews and gear we never will use. It was emptied out last night for the next phase of floor work. Yikes. I hope to only put back 1/3 of what was in there as it was scary.

The most amazing thing that I noticed was that we have close to 40 of those bags that you get at conferences, you know the ones I'm talking about - the ones that drug companies or meeting organizers put all the gack you get at conferences in. I have some beauties, but my goal is to do only have eight by the end of the process which to be totally honest will be moot because we'll receive two more each in the next four weeks. These are great for the library, farmer's market or the grocery store, but maybe overkill in our case.

I also filled our recycling bin with those little bags they give you now when you shop at boutiques. Lovely as they are for lunch bags, they were starting to drive me crazy. I think we had something like nine la maison du chocolat bags alone. Now that is a place I could eat lunch. ; )

So, do yourself a favor, don't wait until you have to empty that closet to do work or deal with the plumber and gushing water pipes, go through and get rid of the bags and donate those wearable warm coats to those who might need them, ditto for gloves, mittens, art supplies and toiletries. I just donated 2 bags of amenity kits to our local shelter and they are happier than clams to get them.

Oh, and it was sunny today. I even managed to sneak out and enjoy it for an hour!


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