Sunday, January 08, 2006

worker bees

Daphne Odorata, January 2006.

Sunday night is one of my least favorite times of the week. It really starts if I happen to open the Parade section of the Times and see the Howard Huge cartoon. When I see that St. Bernard doing something silly, I know its over -- there is homework to be done and all the fun is over. Even as an adult, I still get morose when I see Howard, it means that Monday is back to the same old stuff.

What didn't we do this weekend?

The rain held off today (Sunday) until nearly four. We managed to finish planting bulbs (not a word,folks), rake up more leaves, feed the ever hungry worms, deal with cutting up the christmas tree for mulch and dead head plants. I planted peas in hopes the maybe they'll make it. If not, well, I'll do it again. Its still early I know.

We also managed to clear out my study (mostly) in hopes of getting in there this week and starting the painting process. Our main floor bathroom is now a sea of boxes and in the whole process I have managed to locate a few gems that I have yet to read, so I am excited. However, I am currently also exhausted. At least the hardest part is over, that room is a pain to empty as it is floor to ceiling bookcases. It should be lovely when it is repainted and the floors refinished.

Other than that, nothing more than the mudaneness of laundry, cooking (jam, pizza, soup and stock), sorting and purging. Note to self: Ironing thirty placemats and napkins in one sitting is too many. I am quite content as travel and craziness follow in the next few weeks, so catching up with life at home is okay.

Now, back to sitting with Nigel's Appetite and trying to get motivated to finish putting back the guest bedroom to its pre-Christmas shape.



Z said...

Does shredding the mail fall in the same category as mulching the tree? :)

nm said...

Only if you feed it to your worms. They love paper. :)