Monday, January 16, 2006

watching paint dry

Partly sunny Seattle in 15 minute intervals, January 2006.

Honestly, that is what I'm doing. Waiting for "treetop" to dry so that I may add one more coat and finish the baseboards in my study and call it art. Our house is a disaster area. All the stuff is off the plate rails, the wood stove is nearly disassembled, the paintings are off the wall, all the books are packed. You would think we're on our way out instead of just having our floors redone.

I hate this kind of change, it is disruptive. Last night, in hopes of cheering up ourselves over the lack of rain, we made a homemade chocolate pudding. We were hoping to use Fanny Farmer, but in our packing away the cookbooks, we put Fanny in one of the first boxes. Oh well, it'll be three weeks before we unpack the boxes. The pudding I made - cornstarch, cocoa, sugar, milk, vanilla and egg was okay, but not great. I may try again tonight with a less dark cocoa and more sugar. I did pull some cookbooks out for the great upheaval, Nigel, Christine, Lindsey, myself and Rachael (don't say a word..). I should have left Irma out as well. I'll have to rely on myself to figure out what we're having for dinner the next few nights.

So, as TH said last night, this city is half assed. We can't even beat the record for rainfall. I have to agree, 26 hours without measurable precipitation after 27 days followed by another week of precipitation really does suck. It wasn't like today was sunny and glorious, it was the same, just different as we get to start all over again. Naw, I'll just blame it on the seahawks.

Well, back to figuring out a dinner entree that we both can agree on.



Z said...

Did you say Rachael?????

jk said...

why didn't you just go back online and search through the millions of pudding recipies available? And then get confused by all the choices. THat's how I cook these days!

nm said...

yup., Rachael and her no repeats. Very good cookbook once you get over her use of EVOO and little phrases like that. Good stuff.