Friday, January 27, 2006

Things to ponder

Graves used for the drying the cod, during the cod fishery, St. Pierre et Miquelon, June2003.

Why are there Dukes of Hazzard dvds out their the public's consumption and not Spenser for hire?

Why is my new neighbor afraid of natural light? Every single one of his window shades remain closed every stinking hour of the day. What is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? We were originally afraid of him.

Why do braising greens sound so good when you buy them and then you never get around to eating them?

My poor workstation is pounding away, I can hear the little dear just cranking and cranking, trying to convert all those pixels into a new data set. It sounds like it is on its last legs, poor dear. This week has definitely made me realize its time for a major technology refreshment. Guess who will be speccing/requesting/buying a new workstation next week?

I was here until 12:30 last night. Don't feel sorry for me, its partially my doing - I can't stand up very easily and say, are you out of your mind? or hmm, maybe if I wasn't doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing last week, I would have had all the data I may have needed for this little exericse. I can tell you one thing, it sure has opened up my eyes to how I'm going to do data management for our next server, when it shows up...

Anyways, enough of that....

They stained a bunch of our floor today. Wow, I guess. I will not get to see it in the light, but TH said it was good. We have to make a descision on phase 2 of the kitchen, cabinet refinishing with a coat durable enough to deal with basset drool and cake batter. It will be lovely when its done.

I hopefully will spend my tomorrow dealing with all the mundane tasks that I have been putting enough because of work- laundry, bills and the library. I also have to redo a powerpoint for my talk on Tuesday, should I put in a subversive background? Whizzing arrows? animations? I hate those things.

Oh, and packing. Yech. Must pack.

Did you know that I unpack my bag within five minutes of getting home from any trip? Its a trait of which I am proud of, so now I need to rip the plastic off the doors and find my bag for my trip to Atlanta. Never been there before, hope its fun.

Okay, must dash, sounds like my machine has finished cutting apart my data and I can finish.

Update: Machine was not cranking away, I was out of disk space. I had to delete 8 gigs from my working directory. Yikes.



jk said...

that's funny, earlier this week Lee and I were discussing the fact there is no St Elsewhere on DVD.

i forget what else i was going to comment on. I'll be back.

Z said...

Doesn't THAT suck JK??? My favourite show and it's not out on DVD.