Saturday, January 28, 2006

dare to be crazy

Hellebores, January 2006.

That is so me, I have abandoned my normal nubuck look in the dansko clog for a more razmatazz shiny version. Next you'll see me wearing rhinestones, no doubt about it.

Above is a picture of a hellebore that I took in the garden today between two squalls. The weather was nice for the seven minutes I got to do something fun today. I just got back from the office and am waiting for my tshirts to dry before I pack them.

Don't get too excited for me, I think those going to see my Atlanta will be amazed at my breadth of wardrobe excitement. I'm taking one skirt and one pair of slacks, that way they can keep on guessing what I'll be wearing.



jk said...

you are just a crazy girl! which color clogs did you get? the black with silvery tones?

nm said...

No basic shiny black. Very New York.