Tuesday, January 10, 2006


When I was a young buckette and was a sea going one, I was sort of excited to finally get to work in the Bering Sea. However, one day, one of my work colleagues described the Bering to me as being grey. Basically, he held up a grey file folder in front of my face and said "This is the what the Bering Sea is like - the sky is grey, the water is grey and there is no difference between the two". Well, my experience up there was not that grey. On certain days, it was beautiful, sunny and calm and nothing like the greyness that we have experienced here in Seattle in the last twenty three days.

On way in today it was grey upon grey. Grey sky, with darker grey clouds overlaying the mountains and grey asphalt on my way to work. I try and get in before eight thirty most days, but these days, it seems I'm getting in later and later just to experience a bit of lightness before going into my interior office for the day. The forecast says rain for the next week, unless things change, we're going to beat the 1953 record. Nice if you like that kind of thing, I guess.

I'm happy to say that at least this week I'll experience a few hours above the clouds flying and that may improve my mood.


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Z said...

I know what you mean. I have an interior space and half the time I think the weather is one thing and it's another. I have to go for a walk every now and then just to be outside and get regulated.