Saturday, January 07, 2006

peek a boo

We saw blue sky this morning for a few nanoseconds. It was amazing. In the emerald city, we have had twenty days straight with measurable precipitation. This is not a record, but it can be a bummer. I was happy to see a shadow this morning and on my way to the Winter market saw the first of many crocuses (crocii?) to bloom in the lawn.

The winter market is a great things - we loaded up on tulips, cabbage, arugula, pears, carrots and potatoes. Good hearty basics that we will transform into a few yummy side dishes this week. We have also gone out on the hunt for boxes. We're not moving, but having our floors refinished on the main floor of our house and that means basically moving everything and we have alot of books. It also means painting my study which dear readers could use a bit of jazzing up...

So, off to Ace I go in search of some color with a name like "dry sandstone over bile green" from some Home and Garden TV host's collection. Hmm, maybe I'll invite over R. with her great eye to give me a suggestion or three.

Have a great and productive Saturday.



Z said...

I, of course, love gloomy, rainy, drizzly, overcast, black days. I love them. I could live with rain 365/24/7, I really could. I see the sun and I get depressed. Rain? It's like prozac for me :)

nm said...

Ack. I'm about to blog on this. It is relentless, this rain. Please come a get dose.

Z said...

I'd pack it up and take it home with me if I could.