Wednesday, January 04, 2006

little miracles

Collismo XL ready to go! Paris, December 2005.

There is something about giving someone something to mail and hope that they will actually do it. In my case, it is also learning to trust that something that I ask someone to do will be done, that is my box is not sitting in a coat closet waiting to be mailed. Well, my second collismo has arrived full of silly toys from muji, bars of chocolate from bespoke chocolatiers, some really heavy books and some fleur de sel with herbes de Provence. I'm thinking of a quick trip to Paris soon just to bring back the fleur de sel that Poilane sells by the kilo. Imagine that. Even I would check my bag for that joy!

So, I now have my Larousse du chocolat and some little guide books from the Paris est à nous collection that I really like and I hope you will too. As with the Larousse, you will need more than a passing knowledge of French, but they are great little guides, great for trip planning and small enough to carry around.

This trip we picked up Les meilleurs restos à petits prix (good but inexpensive restaurants), Cuisiner comme un chef à Paris (How to cook like a chef in Paris) and lastly, to add to our ever growing fondness for Parisien chocolate -- Paris Chocolat. You can peruse more of their selections at the Parigramme site.

Well, I think I have my work cut out for me. TH is asking for madeleines and I may just have to try the chocolate and lemon ones in Larousse.!



jk said...

sounds yummy. Full report, please.

Z said...

What is a madeleine?

nm said...


Here is a link to a pretty detailed description on making madeleines. Its not the poetic discussion that proust went into when he bit into the madeleine in a "remembrances of things past", but it works.

TH loves chocolate ones, I like plain ones and personally, I really like the ones that they sell at TJs.