Friday, January 06, 2006

latest obsession

Suduko love. Image from

Okay, its been a long week and I admit it after a yummy bowl of tortilla soup crafted by TH, I'm knackered. Tonight I will relax with the puzzle that you see everyone hunched over these days - a suduko. I first saw these in London in August and wondered why anyone would waste time trying to figure out the way to fit 1-9 in each box and in each row and column. Well readers (the four of you I know of), it is addicting and confounding. I spend a goodly amount of time on planes these days sudukoing with the sounds of Aimee Mann, Cowboy Junkies, New Pornographers going through my head. For one thing, it makes you think in a different way, I like that.

This year, I have the suduko a day calendar on my desk, its not elegant, but its a nice way to keep my sane during short breaks in the work day.

Once again, I'll say -- Try it, you'll like it.



jk said...

i haven't yet completed one. Can you believe that? I'm finding it hard to accept.

Z said...

That sounds like a fun way to do one every day. I haven't completed one yet either JK. I need to seriously bust a move on that one before my 42 year old brain turns to oatmeal. And not the Steel Cut variety either.

nm said...

They are free on line. The seattle times has them.

must do yesterdays, I'm running out of time these evenings.


Z said...

Oh goody!!!!!

Kerrio said...

I did, and I did.

But I've given it up for PDA scrabble.