Saturday, January 21, 2006

Princess for the day

Room 3475, Hyatt Regency Chicago, January 2006.

Okay, maybe that is the wrong title, but that is what I felt like when I called to check in to my hotel and they told me they had put us in the Monarch Suite. I was expecting an upgrade to maybe the club level, but a suite, let alone the Monarch Suite was a bit over the top. After a yummy dinner of many wursts at Berghoff with the good fortune of being a two top and getting in after only one hour or so standing in 26 degree weather, TH and I found a cab and went to our hotel.

Hmm. I think the suite is/was bigger than our house. TH shot some pool, I read by the fire, neither of us cared to tinkle on the ivories though. The views were nice of the river as well. I'm staying in the same hotel in March for a few days, me thinks I'll be happy to get a club room.

So, for approximately 13 hours of my life, I was the princess I deserved to be. :)



jk said...

I do really wonder what would have happened if i'd gone to chicago this weekend. After all, we do have the same shiny diamond status with Hyatt.

Z said...

Oh wow! That kind of stuff never happens to me. Of course, I don't go anywhere either...

nm said...

There was only one available. We would have had to flip or thumb wrestle.

The deluxe rooms look pretty good, TH said those would be okay for a weeks stay.

That hotel is big!

Z - that stuff never happens to me either, usually just J. :)

She has a punch card for the presidential suite at the SFO Airport Hyatt. One more stay and she gets to help them pick out the new furnishings.


jk said...

oh now, you know that's not true. I need 2 more stays.