Monday, January 30, 2006

print me and wrap me

Stingrays, Georgia Aquarium, January 2006.

So, I am having a better day I think.

I slept until 9 am. Got up, worked a bit, went to a policy symposium lunch with TH, worked a bit more (actually I sudukoed), looked around the CNN center (mmm, nothing like eating fast food lunch while listening to news reports about child molestation) and then accompanied a historian of science and an archivist (both fabulous careers, dontcha think?) to the new Georgia Aquarium.

I have never been to an aquarium that asks you specifically to not bring in guns or knives. Go figure.

It was interesting. Everything is sponsored by a corporation, not in the little elegant signs that you used to see at exhibits (The following exhibit is underwritten by the generosity of the Dumwithie sprockets company), but more like the Home Depot Life with Leopard Sharks or the Best Buy Manatee Petting Pool. It was awful, in that everything by the Home Depot exhibit was that Home Depot bucket orange. The huge wall of fish was pretty cool though.

Made me miss Monterey and the otters.

So, why print and wrap? I am beginning to love this hotel for the very comfortable couch on which I am currently trying to finish up my powerpoint (and procrastinating by writing this) and that they have free printing. Yes, free printing, you upload your document to the web, send it and go downstairs and type in the pin they give you and voila, your document arrives. TH has a proposal due tomorrow and it has been a save for sure. In the past, we have actually purchased a printer -it is cheaper than most business centers.

Wrapping -- TH noticed we had no bathrobes - defective. I called today and they sent up two nice plush ones. Brand new as well. I had to call to make sure we had not crossed our signals and paid for two new ones instead of getting old ones.

Anyways, I still am not impressed by Atlanta, but the little perks are making it tolerable.

p.s B - Tomorrow at 4:45, I'll be vamoosing to DeKalb for sure. :)


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Z said...

Our zoo and aquarium are like that too. The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. But not so blatantly mercenary although I am sure it's coming.