Tuesday, January 31, 2006

over and done

Yippee, some decent feedback and good confabs. Home tomorrow for clean smalls, check on the floor, pick up some more data, class and back to Hotlanta for a day at the Weather Channel and a working group meeting with people that I love hanging out with...

The Dekalb farmer's market was really interesting. Decatur looks like a neat place to visit, a guy from the CDC offered some good suggestions that we'll try on Friday.

Great stuff at the market, picked up some cheese, olives, bread and had a nice picnic!



Z said...

The WEATHER Channel? Okay, fine, make me feel jealous...that's fine. I understand.

Have fun!!!

nm said...

I'll take pictures, trust me.
Hey, that is one of the reasons I'm flying back, I'm dying to go to the weather channel.

Email me if you want me to pick up Ev a souvenir.


jk said...

hey! steal a few fleeces, or coffee cups while you're there. A job would be nice, too.